When it comes to wearing bohemian design, it can be rather challenging. Free-spirited, 70s inspired and romantic are all words to describe bohemian style. But how can you add them into your everyday wardrobe? While we all might not intend to appear like we just came back from a music event, there is nothing wrong with including some whimsical style to your clothing collection. We have attempted to put together some pointers that should help you select the appropriate bohemian style accessories and clothing to use.




Get ready to reveal your spirited side when you embrace a fringe design. When used with a kimono jacket, a fringe dress will absolutely make heads turn. By the way, a fringe gown is one with a frayed hemline. And will go well with a bag and a pair of boots with tasselled accents.


Image: Ale by Alessandra

An amazing bohemian scarf is one way to bring a touch of style to your daily attire. Rather than wearing a scarf around your neck, wrap it round your head for a seventies inspired look. Not just is it fashionable, but it can also conceal a bad hair day. If you do not wish to wear a scarf, you could also tie it around the handle of your bag.


Image: Urban Outfitters

Layering is essential for bohemian style. Think about relaxed blouses, long skirts or flowy pants, combined with a brocade decorated coat for the utmost bohemian look. It is not just about your clothes though, but also your choice of jewelleries as well as other accessories. Longline necklaces, glimmering rings and wide-brimmed hats will certainly have you looking like a boho dream.


Image: Tally Weijl

Bohemian design is about mixing and matching prints. Don’t be afraid of colors. It could be actually daunting to blend prints. You will not mind a couple of suggestions from us. First, try to find patterns on similar scales. Do not blend big floral prints with small stripes. You should also opt for a similar color scheme. Combining hot pink with navy may not work well but burgundy and navy works perfectly. When in doubt, just go with your instincts!


Image: Wildfox

If you really desire to show off your bohemian style, accessories are the final touch. A retro motivated pair of sunglasses or a statement pendant is all you require to bring a little flair to your wardrobe. You can likewise also wear a printed scarf to add a pop of color to your appearance. Mix and match for an eccentric look.


Image: H&M

If you’re a lady who enjoys hats, then you will certainly want a bohemian style. Using a drooping hat could not just shield you from the sunlight, but likewise spice up a simple top and pants mix. When it is summer a straw hat works just fine. But cooler months, seek a wool or felt style.


Image: Free People

Lace may seem like an old fashion material, but you could make it new again. A basic white maxi gown adorned with lace truly channels a Stevie Nicks inspired look. Add some edge to your lace look with a natural leather or denim jacket and suede boots.



You may believe that flared trousers must be left in the 1970’s, but the design has actually made a significant return in recent times. Instead of going for an overstated flare, keep it simple with a small variation. Use it with a dramatic print or keep it simple in a jeans pant. The flare style pant goes perfect with a bohemian top or stitched coat during cooler months.


Image: Free People

Another trick to a vintage bohemian style boils down to the large design. Although large sized styles could look impressive, make certain you do not look sloppy. For example if you put on a loosened up pair of trousers ensure to put on a fitted top or vice versa. Focus on proportion especially if you have a small body structure. Bear in mind that in some cases less is indeed more.